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Is your work table, hobby cabinet or attic room also full of leftover rope that you’ll no longer use or are you simply ready for another challenge? With Paracycle, you can give these ropes a second life so that they won't end up in the trash.

Paracycle is our sustainability program where unused rope is not thrown away, but given a second chance. If you have a bigger quantity of rope left over, you can return it in exchange for a compensation.

Would you like to join this program? Below you find the terms and conditions and how to return the materials.


To return rope for compensation, you must return at least 1 kilos of rope (around 160 metres). 

You can return these rope types as part of Paracycle:

  • Micro cord (1.2 and 1.4 mm)
  • Paracord type I
  • Paracord type II
  • Paracord type III
  • Paracord type IV
  • Paracord type V
  • Paracord 650
  • Paracord Max - 6 mm

Example of the contents of a package that would qualify: 250 grams of micro cord, 200 grams of paracord 650, 150 grams of paracord type III, and 400 grams of paracord type II.

This is what the rope must comply with:

  • The rope is from
  • The rope is clean and has no damage
  • Colour and type match what is mentioned in the contact form
  • The rope is free of animal hair, smell of smoke or other odours
  • The rope is at least 1 metres in one piece

How it works

To participate in Paracycle, you first contact us via the contact form. Then we will send you a message with a compensation proposal and finally you will send us the products.

Step 1: Contact form

To apply for the sustainability program, send us a message using the contact form below. Please indicate as precisely as possible the products concerned.

Please fill in your details here

Step 2: Compensation proposal

Within 10 business days after receiving your message via the contact form, you will receive a reply in which we make a compensation proposal for the ropes you mentioned in the form.

Do you agree with the proposal? Then go to the next step: sending the rope.

Step 3: Sending the rope

You can then return the ropes that you have registered and that have also been approved in the compensation proposal to us. Shipping costs are at your own expense. We recommend sending the parcel with Track & Trace.

Send the package to this address: (Paracyle)

Van der Giessenweg 19

2921 LP Krimpen aan den IJssel

The Netherlands

Step 4: Compensation payment

Once the products are received by us, we will do a final check and then we’ll contact you by email to finalise the compensation process.

What can you do with the ropes not covered by this policy?

Doesn't your rope qualify for the sustainability program? Check out the tutorials on our YouTube channel for ideas on what else you can use the rope for. 

Watch the following video, in which you can easily make beautiful phone cords from your leftover Paracord! Prefer making key rings? Then click here for a photo tutorial on our blog.