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Article sold out? Now what?

More than 2000 types of coloured rope are directly available from stock and are packed 7 days a week and shipped all business days from our central warehouse in the Netherlands. As the largest provider of Paracord and coloured rope in Europe, part of our collection is only available from We always try our best to have as many of our products in stock as possible. With many of our products, we issue a low inventory warning promptly so that you are aware what we can deliver in the short term. Is a product ultimately out of stock? Then use the "back in stock" notification.


We will send you a "back in stock" notification!

We use a so-called "back in stock" system. Every item that is not in stock has an email-me feature, where you can easily leave your email address with just a click. You will automatically be notified as soon as the desired item is available again and has been added to our website. If you are logged in on our website, a single click on the "back in stock" button will suffice. The product is then added to the "back in stock" feature that can be found on your account page and you will immediately receive an e-mail at the e-mail address known to us when the product is available again.