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Paracord Multi Mix (Textured Polyester)

What is Multi Mix Paracord?
Multi Mix Paracord is a 32 strand Paracord of high quality Textured Polyester Yarns.
This means that the sheath of the rope consists of 32 different strands of yarns.

With most multi colour paracord a strand only consists of 1 colour, only with the Fusion (Nylon) series there are 2 colours used per strand.
The uniqueness of Multi Mix is that there are 5 different colours used per strand. This gives the rope a beautiful blended pattern. 

Breaking strength is not known for now and cannot be compared to a 550 paracord Nylon type III rope!

Textured Polyester
Unlike a normal polyester cord, a textured polyester cord has a softer hand feel than the other polyester cord. This makes it almost comparable to our Nylon paracord. The colours of the textured polyester yarns in the Multi Mix rope match the colours of our 1.5 mm Micro Cord.