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Press Clip

Press clips are used to clamp materials such as steel wire cables, rope or iron wire to each other to increase safety during activities and to make connections stronger. Press clips are also known as shrink loop, crimp loop, aluminum sleeves, steel wire clamp, rope clamp, aluminum sleeves or rope clamp and are used for many different applications. 

Applications press clip

The press clip is suitable for example for elastic cord, steel wire, waterproof tarpaulin, rubber rope (Biothane), clothesline, dog leash rope or other applications related to attaching rope.  For all these applications different sizes of press clips are needed, which are available in our webshop. Take a look at the assortment and find the right press clip for you. 

How to attach a press clip?  

How do you attach a press clip? Thread your rope double through the press clip and squeeze it with a clamp wrench. This creates a strong connection and the rope stays in place.