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A wide range of Cotton Macramé Cords!

At we sell 100% natural recycled macramé cotton cord. Macramé cotton cord has a soft feel, is easy to comb out and the best look for all your macramé and braided cotton projects. The cord does not need to be unraveled. Therefore, this cord combs out very easily and can be used immediately for all your macrame projects. These cotton yarns meet all strands requirements of STANDARD 100 OEKO TEX.

What to make with Macramé cords?

With the cotton cords of the most beautiful creations can be made. For example: you can use 10mm rope for splicing, 5mm and 3mm one stranded cord for weaving or knotting. Our cotton products have a wide range of applications like making bracelets, dreamcatchers, plant hangings, necklaces cord, dog leashes (10mm), collars and many other ideas for the D-I-Y’er.

What does a ‘Ply’ yarn mean?

A rope or cord is made of a group of yarns, plies and fibers or strands that are twisted or braided together into a larger and stronger form. Cotton rope usually consists of 3 Ply's. With Macramé a Single-Ply rope is most commonly used because it is easy to work with, fringes are easy to make and because you don't need to splice any more.

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